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How To Garnish

Garnish Book & Tools Kit

Looking to learn how to garnish fruits and vegetables? Chef Harvey offers a starter kit with a book and the most used garnishing tools.

How To Garnish BookHow To Garnish Book & Tools

The "How to Garnish" book is much more than just the most useful and informative book about food garnishing. It's also the easiest to learn from, because it combines easy-to-follow instructions with illustrations that show exactly what to do.

No guesswork involved; everything you need to know is right here. This washable hardcover book contains more than twenty full-color photographs and two hundred illustrations depicting a variety of arrangements that are easy to make. COLORFUL-over 20 full color photos show you the elegant arrangements you'll be able to make as soon as you master the tools and techniques discussed (and fully click to buy the How To Garnish book by Chef Harvey illustrated) in this book. Find out how to put your own creative talents to work!

silly goose   Cucumber Crab

We also have a Spanish and French version of the book.

How To Garnish Kit

Iclick here to buy the How To Garnish Kitncludes the "How To Garnish" book by Chef Harvey and 5 of the most used garnishing tools; spiral slicer, . twin curl cutter, pro paring knife, crinkle cutter, and the "V" decorator.


garnishing tools
Click on text above to see all five tools close up and a demonstration of each.

buy the How To Garnish book and tools Kit $25The book and five tools (The Kit).....$25.00

Curl Mum

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