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Cook Books

An American Celebration
Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison
#3401 Hc.
512 pages, 300 recipes

"With this incredible new volume, they are destined to become the preeminent authorities on outdoor cookery. There are enough exciting recipes in this book to keep the budding home 'grill chef' busy well into the new millennium. It's all here…in one incredible, delicious volume that is fated to become a classic." Stephan Pyles, Star Canyon
200 Terrific Recipes for Big and Bold
Backyard Barbecue Michael McLaughlin
#3454 Hc.
304 pages, 200 recipes

More than an idea whose time has come, The Southwestern Grill is the crossroads of two timely culinary ideas: grilled foods and Southwestern flavors.
200 Recipes for Inspired,
Flame-Kissed Meals
Andrea Chesman
#3422 Hc.
"What a lot of great ideas and big flavors in The Vegetarian Grill ! Andreas Chesman takes grilling way beyond the honored tradition of simply brushing vegetables with olive oil and putting them on the grill. anyone who loves tinkering over the coals will find plenty of fresh ideas to stay occupied all summer." Deborah Madison, The Greens Cookbook
175 Make-Your-Own Sauces, Marinades,
Dry Rubs, Wet Rubs, Mops and Salsas
Paul Kirk
#3421 Pb.
272 pages, 175 recipes

"For the great barbecue, the only thing you need is PAUL KIRK'S CHAMPIONSHIP BARBECUE SAUCES and a match. Absolutely the best on barbecue I have ever read. It's indispensable. Big, bold, zesty, smoky, over-the-top, audacious, in-your-face kind of flavors. Paul's book will take the novice weekender to master barbecue level." Mark Miller, Coyote Café
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