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Radish Rose

Cut off the top of a large radish.

With the root end up, start at top and make a grove in the radish by pulling the channel knife down the side.

Stop before you get to the bottom.

Repeat this all the way around the radish.

Place the completed garnish in ice water and the petals will open up further.

Orange Basket

Cut a slice from the bottom to make a flat resting surface. Use the channel knife to cut stripes, starting from the top and stopping before reaching the bottom.

Make stripes all the way around the orange.

Cut away two wedges at the top of the orange.

Fold over the stripes to make loops.

Remove the pulp from the orange and fill with cranberry sauce, applesauce or fruit.

Citrus Cartwheels

Select a citrus fruit with a thick rind for best results.

Use the channel knife to carve groves in the rind.

Start at the blossom end and carve to the other end

Continue in a even pattern all the around the entire fruit.

Cut slices from the fruit and remove the seeds.

Cartwheels can be used to decorate watermelon baskets, mixed drinks or punch.

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