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Aside from blade and handle materials, the other materials in a knife are those that hold it together found in the bolsters, linings and rivets.

In custom knives, there are numerous materials used to make these parts ranging from exquisite gold and silver to less expensive aluminum and stainless steel.

Brass has traditionally been the material for bolsters or liners, but it is being replaced in most commercial knives with more tarnish-resistant materials. Brass is a relatively soft metal, which allows it to be easily polished or engraved, but it also wears faster than other materials.

Nickel-silver, an alloy of nickel, copper and zinc, sometimes called German silver, is another popular bolster material. Its clean appearance and corrosion resistance makes it a popular choice.
Some knives employ bolsters and pins of hard aluminum. While this material is harder than brass, it helps create lightweight handles when desired.

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