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As for which method is best, it pretty much comes down to choosing the one you're most comfortable with using. Never sharpen your knife on a power-grinding wheel as this can burn the temper out of the blade and weaken its integrity.

Most of our blade steels have a very high carbon content, which enables them to hold a superior cutting edge. Unfortunately, carbon is also the element that causes rust so, preventive care is needed if the knife is used in humid or marine environments. To aid in the cleaning of rust on the blades, we recommend using a thin coating of oil or lubricant.

Never attempt to use your knife as a screwdriver, pry-bar, chisel, or punch. Never throw your knife. It was not designed for those purposes. Use for any purpose other than cutting is considered abuse and is not covered under the International Culinary Warranty.

Most of all, Please enjoy your new knife and always remember to use it in a safe, responsible manner and thank you for choosing Chef Harvey's Knife Collection.

As for sharpening itself, it doesn't make any difference what kind of blade you have. Sharp is sharp, whether you're cutting whiskers, leather, wood, or meat. When you begin a sharpening job, remember the two critical steps. First, do a good job of tapering the edge back with the coarse hone. This produces blade relief, and is the most important part of sharpening (the diagrams show why). A blade with good relief will sharpen easily to a high-quality edge. Second, set the primary cutting edges with your fine hone. Don't get too anxious, pay attention to your angles, and you'll always be able to get a knife-edge that will shave the hair on your arms without touching your skin

Proper Sharpening Angle
Edge design starts with a decision on how much taper to build in, and is determined by what you plan to do with the edge. The rule is to taper it back just short of the point at which it will collapse when worked most severely.

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