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The chisel edge has a single bevel and is sharpened on only on one side. The chisel or Bevel edge is becoming more popular. There are still two surfaces coming together to form the edge, the angles have just changed. The back has no bevel, or zero degrees. The chisel bevel is angled greater than a double bevel blade, usually 30 degrees or so. If an extra 10 degrees is used for the final sharpening angle, the total 40 degrees angle is the same as the double bevel blade with 20 degree bevels. People used to a double bevel will have trouble cutting straight with a chisel edge at first. However, once you are used to it, the flat side actually makes it easier to cut straight. To get good sharpness, the back needs to be flat and polished smooth. Laying the blade flat on the stone easily does this. No guide is necessary. If you want to protect the blade, you can hone at a very low angle, using tape along the spine to protect the blades finish. The edge bevel is sharpened next to a 30 to 40 degree angle.

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